Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My New Novel, Waste Not, Want Not, Is Now On Amazon



My new novel is now available on Amazon. I hope to have an E book version out soon. The book contains original illustrations. Caution; there is language and scenes which may be only suitable for adults.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ted Cruz; The Self-Annoited One

Randy "Noogie Burger" Neugeberger Added To Texas Congressional Hall Of Shame


For his performance and the bullying of a National Park Service ranger at the WWII Memorial in Washington Randall Neugeberger(R-Tx)is hereby inducted into the Texas Congressional Delegation Hall of Shame! Shame on him!

Friday, October 4, 2013

I Called Congressman Farenthold's Office This Morning

I called my Congressman's office this morning. He is Blake Farenthold, in his second term as the representative for the 27th Congressional District.
A polite young man answered and I told him "I would like to leave a message for Congressman Farenthold. I want to see him and the House Republicans act responsibly and end the government shutdown. I blame him and the House Republicans for creating this crisis. I want to see this brought to an end immediately."
Well! I feel better for having made my opinion known, not that I think the Congressman or the Republicans will give a whit!
Farenthold has been all over the media these days. Apparently the House Republicans want him to get a little air time. He has a history of making idiotic statements, including his recent declaration that the government shutdown was a "paid vacation" for the furloughed federal employees. This statement is, of course, untrue.