Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Destination Bayfront Fails Big In Corpus Christi Referendum


Yesterday Corpus Christi voters went to the polls and turned down Destination
Bayfront by a wide margin of 65% to 35%. Destination Bayfront was a proposal, backed by many developers, title companies and other well heeled folks which would have called for millions of dollars in public money, along with some private investment, to create a park area lined with restaurants, bars and hotels. It was described as a project which would take Corpus Christi to the "next level," what ever that means!
This proposal came in the middle of the debate over how the city can fix its abysmal streets and infrastructure.
A local group, Neighborhoods First, was formed to oppose this expensive and intrusive development. Backers of Destination Bayfront spent around $370 K dollars in advertising and promotions, about 49 times the amount the grass roots Neighborhoods First group could put up.
This is not the first time local voters have stood up to the money people and thwarted their plans to make tons of money at the expense of the public. DB backers don't seem to have learned the lesson though as they say they will be back!
Neighborhoods First celebrate victory!