Friday, April 18, 2014

GOP women also engage in GOP's "War on Women!"

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez (R) gave hope to the GOP in two areas; women and Hispanics. She was highly touted as a "new" fresh face and evidence of GOP diversity.
A surreptitiously recorded tape recently revealed a foul mouth but more importantly, a petty and vindictive nature. So much for 'family values!' 
Phylis Schlafly has been a radical right wing harpy for many years, way before Ann Coulter. She is known for, among other things, as raising millions of dollars for the Contras (as in Iran-Contra scandal.) With that money she had sent to Nicaragua cute little boxes containing toiletries and mints to aid the former Somocistas.
She was back in the news the other day objecting to the idea of equal pay for women, saying that if women are paid the same as men they "will have trouble finding husbands."

Sunday, April 13, 2014